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Motivational lessons and presentations by authors Danny and Marie Lena
designed to bring out the best in all of us!

Being Better than My Best

How You Can Raise Your Own Bar by Recreating Who You Really Are

Marie & Danny Lena professional
motivational & empowerment speakers

Personal Empowerment Programs Motivational lessons and presentations by authors Danny and Marie Lena designed to bring out the best in all of us!

Re-create yourself... Be your best... Start here...

Announce, declare, present and proclaim!

I am not just going survive, I am going to thrive.

Being Better than My Best! eBook

The Art of Empowerment

In these shaky, confusing and often depressing times...
up again / down again economy, the world at war,
corporate layoffs, out sourcing and down-sizing,
what is needed more then ever is a personal PEP-Talk.

Say out loud with out the fear of being heard;

Starting right here and right now I am in charge of the most important task I have ever been assigned to.

The task of re-creating myself...

This time I am personally involved and I am ready to do the work!

Give thanks right now for everything, all of it!

Love, joy, laughter, family position, relationships, health, career and even financial success. Then without hesitation give thanks for each life experience that has been sad, painful or negative.
Danny & Marie Lena, authors of "Being Better than My Best" tell their personal story of how they were able to overcome negative situations and create a new happiness.

The Lenas developed their 90/10 formula, then used it to re-create their life. in this book they present many sound and solid tools on discovering your two key life motivators, how you can uplift others you care about, and how you can give yourself personal peptalks.

"Being Better than My Best" is a fun, easy-to-read book is filled with functional tips, fun graphics, humorous and compelling anecdotes, thought provoking quotes, and just enough fresh concepts to challenge even the most seasoned self-help junkie or the "I've-heard-it-all-before" jaded critic!

In an effort to point out "we've done it, so can you", the Lena's briefly share their own personal stories with the readers, including violent attacks when younger, dysfunctional childhoods, bitter divorce and estrangement from children, even a personal bankruptcy, and the ups and downs of running their business.

Key concepts from the book include:
. Defining what "your best" is
. How to turn the "Vicious Cycle" of life into the "Creative Circle"
. How to pump up your personality to "sell" yourself more effectively
. How to redefine the way you approach W.O.R.K.
. How to balance home and work
. How to solve problems and reach goals with the 90/10 Formula
. How to be bold, PLAY B-I-G, and WIN with inspiration, not desperation
. How to be "unafraid to fail"
. How to have "success with soul"

The Lena's are electric when they are on stage and off and their personal stories about how they met is a peptalk in itself! Their positive attitude, sense of humor, and functional advice has engaged and entertained audiences nationwide.

The Lena's often talk about the many "Media Angels" who have come in-to and out-of their lives for a tiny moment just when the "word has to get out there" they were once on the Oprah remember your spirit segment, the Today Show, Sally Jesse, in the USA Today, and featured in newspapers across the U.S.A.

In "Being Better Than My Best: How You Can Raise Your Own Bar by Recreating Who You Really Are", the Lenas maintain that anyone can overcome life's struggles at home and at work with what they call T.N.T---Totally New Thinking!

Their contention is that we create every experience in our lives, therefore we have the ability to re-create ourselves by changing our thoughts, words and actions. Insisting that life was not meant to be struggle, they offer realistic suggestions to balance home and work, improve personal relationships, solve problems, reach goals, reduce negativity, and actually redefine the way we approach our work and life.

Triumph Over Tragedy
Both children of divorce raised in what is now being called "dysfunctional" environments, the Lenas share personal experiences that most people would do anything to hide. Both were victims of senseless violence as children.

They met years later when Marie walked into Danny's karate studio to take lessons. He trained her to become a black belt and they later formed a national child safety and assault prevention campaign titled "Hands Off: I'm Special", writing books and touring the United States, speaking to over 300,000 people annually.

So What! Now What?
However, "Life was happening to us while we were making other plans" jokes Danny. Facing frustration due to the ups and downs of running their business; feeling anger and resentment over his bitter divorce and estrangement from his children; the subsequent years of financial problems; losing everything they owned; and then a bankruptcy, the Lenas were forced to re-create themselves many times by using the same tips they suggest in their book.

"We're not asking anyone to try or do anything that we haven't done ourselves", says Marie. "We understand there are great challenges, disappointments, and heartaches that people endure" , adds Danny.

"But we can either be angry, bitter, and feel sorry for ourselves, or we can say 'So what... now what?' What am I going to do now? How can I be better than I've ever been? How can I get up, get over it and be happy?' That's what this book is about."

Down-to-earth motivation
Written in an easy-to-read, conversational style, complete with graphics, bulleted lists, powerful quotes and humorous anecdotes, the Lenas in-your-face approach offers ways to get over the past, stay motivated, and fully experience life being who you really are!

Using real-life examples (their own, as well as their workshop participants) the Lenas urge you to step outside your comfort zone, take risks, reinvent yourself, even how to sell yourself and your ideas more effectively ! They even push for you to incorporate these counter-cultural principles into the work world to (gasp!) create a climate of true diversity, teamwork, openness, and unparalleled productivity. Marie says, "This book is for anyone, but it's not for everyone. You have to be open to looking at your life from a different perspective; one of taking full responsibility for who you are and where you are. That takes courage."Much of the book focuses on your place in the work world-your attitude, how you get along with others, how you solve conflicts, and most importantly the value you place on yourself. There's even an entire chapter (You Can't Sell It if You Can't Tell It!) on how to present yourself more effectively at meetings and presentations, speaking Do's and Don'ts, and how to market, advertise and promote the new you!

From the back cover
Show the world who you really are! Whether you're self-employed, working in a corporate environment, or starting over, by raising your own bar, you can reach higher, dream bigger, believe in yourself and in your ability to change the world.
· Live up to your potential and fully experience life!
· Stop the daily struggles.
· Improve your relationships
· Balance home and work.
· Find a sense of joy, purpose, and greater meaning in your personal and professional life.
· Discover who you are, where you are, and what's next for you!


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