Pharmacy Services
Comprehensive, coordinated pharmaceutical care for seniors.
Comprehensive Pharmacy Services. Unparalleled Experience.

EmpowerMe Wellness offers exceptional, personalized pharmaceutical services to assisted living and memory care residents through our subsidiary EverSpring Pharmacy. Our experienced pharmacy team provides the highest level of customer service in the industry. As a tech-enabled pharmacy, we support a wide variety of communication channels — including the ability to interface with your EHR — for convenient ordering and refilling of medications.

Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Made Easy
EmpowerMe simplifies the pharmacy process for senior living communities. From Ordering to Fulfillment to Delivery to Billing, our team helps you save time and labor costs by providing a full pharmacy experience. We offer:

Full Integration with EmpowerMe Services

Our on-site pharmacy services are tightly integrated with EmpowerMe’s therapy and physician services, providing a complete continuum of healthcare services.

Pharmacist & Nurse Consultations

With over 20 years’ consulting experience, our staff can provide insights on a multitude of clinical pharmacy services.

Cost Containment

Our team tracks cost drivers and proactively provides alternative medication recommendations when available.

Provider & Insurance Coordination

Our Prior Authorization Specialists assist with Part D plan analysis and work with providers and insurance companies to expedite prior authorizations.

Compliance-Focused Packaging

Organize your medications by resident, by day, and by time with multi-dose packets or traditional bubble cards.

Flexible Refill Options

We offer weekly and monthly exchanges for routine medications. Whatever option works best for you, we can provide it.

Healthier, Happier Residents with Every Prescription

24/7 Service

Our team is always available, 24 hours a day. Our same-day and emergency delivery services ensure that seniors receive the treatment they need in record time, when moments matter most.

Pharmacogenomic Testing

With a simple cheek swab, EmpowerMe’s on-site team members can help your residents’ medical providers to tailor their prescriptions more precisely, preventing adverse drug reactions.

Full Range of Ordering Options

Including the ability to interface directly with your EHR and a HIPAA-compliant texting app. The result: fast, seamless ordering and refills.

Pharmacy Operations