Are you a physical therapist, occupational therapist, or speech-language pathologist who’s looking to advance their career? Look no further than EmpowerMe Wellness. Recently, Christy Erzinger, a talent acquisition lead for EmpowerMe, walked us through the numerous opportunities our organization provides for therapy team members to help them grow and excel in their careers.


One of the key opportunities offered by EmpowerMe is mentorship. Whether you’re just starting out as a therapist or considering a move into a leadership role, EmpowerMe can connect you with a mentor who can guide you on your path. “Mentorship is a friendly, informal process at EmpowerMe,” Christy said. “A lot of our leaders provide mentorship for new grads or people coming into geriatrics. It’s a huge help for them—during their first two years, our team gives them extra support, helping them learn the ropes, and passing them tips and tricks.”

Continuing Education  

Continuing education is another crucial aspect of career advancement at EmpowerMe. The company provides various courses for therapists at all stages of their careers. EmpowerMe University, their online education portal, offers thousands of free CEU courses to help team members maintain their accreditations and expand their skillsets. “It’s a pretty amazing resource for our therapists who are wanting to grow,” Christy explained. “It helps them broaden their skills and learn about their field, especially for those just getting into geriatrics.”

Promoting From Within 

EmpowerMe heavily prioritizes promoting from within, preferring to hire and promote individuals who have already proven their expertise and comfort when it comes to working with seniors. Therapists have the opportunity to advance into roles as Clinic Directors, in which they would oversee a therapy team at a single senior living community. Some can even progress to the position of Area Director of Operations, overseeing a group of community clinics, and beyond. “A number of our key corporate leaders started with us as therapists,” Christy said, “including two of our divisional vice presidents.”

Openings in Other Divisions 

But what if therapy isn’t the right fit for you? EmpowerMe also welcomes team members to explore opportunities in other departments or divisions. Erzinger herself has experienced this firsthand. “I’ve been all over the place in EmpowerMe,” she said. “As the company grew, I moved into verifications, then records, and eventually became a talent acquisition lead.” The key is to keep an eye on EmpowerMe’s careers site to review open positions and have conversations with your manager about your interests and aspirations.

Christy leaves us with an important piece of advice: always ask yourself what’s a good fit for you. “That’s something I learned early on in recruiting,” she explained, “a lot of people end up loving positions that they never thought they would. So, don’t be afraid to explore different opportunities and take risks! EmpowerMe is there to support you every step of the way.”

Committed to nurturing and advancing the careers of its team members, EmpowerMe Wellness prioritizes mentorship, continuing education, and internal promotions to ensure that their employees have every opportunity to succeed. As Christy said, “We always look to promote first. If you’re willing to be open and go the extra mile to meet the criteria we’re looking for, we’ll absolutely meet you halfway to help you get where you want to be.”  

So, are you ready to take your therapy career to the next level? Visit today to find the opening that’s right for you!