1. Understand and Exceed Market Expectations

Every effort in your community, whether operational or marketing-focused, should take the competitive landscape into account. Have you researched your closest competitors’ services and program efficacies? Have you experienced their culture and read reviews of why people love them or leave their community? Are your strengths as an organization showcased both online and in-person to adequately stand up to the competition from the viewpoint of your target resident and their loved ones?

Most importantly, do your programs effectively answer the greatest area of need for residents in your market? Program efficacy and creating an environment for healthier, happier seniors is the center of effective marketing. Programs that WORK for seniors and answer their needs gain referrals and help market themselves.

2. Differentiate

What do you offer that other communities don’t? How do you differentiate your care? Does your programming and quality of care outshine your competitors? Do your therapy programs create better outcomes and drive occupancy? Be sure to highlight the strengths and offerings of your community and leverage those differences to your advantage.

3. Track and Share Results

Tracking and using data about your community’s measurable outcomes and results showcases the health and efficacy of your programs and is encouraging information for potential residents and their loved ones. For our EmpowerMe partners, we create custom reports for each community we serve that track and measure participation rates, number of visits, therapy hours worked, cancellation rates, progress notes, and data around the impact our services have had on the community’s occupancy. Residents and their families have found these numbers to be assuring evidence – that their loved ones will truly be taken care of, will have their goals acknowledged, and will be able to maintain as much independence as possible while living in place.

4. Use Story and Testimonials to Create Trust and Showcase Culture

Whether a community will feel like home is one of the greatest considerations for seniors and their families as their loved ones enter a greater level of care. Showcasing testimonials from your community can demonstrate your individualized, personal, and heartfelt approach toward residents.

Testimonials speak to the qualitative results of your programs that you can’t share with data, and they showcase the lifestyle that seniors can expect to live if they join your community. Potential residents can connect to your approach to care in an empathetic, personal way when they hear stories from current or recent residents. Happy residents can be your greatest referral source!