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We use technology to stay ahead of the curve.

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Data and Outcomes

We use technology to tap all available data and integrate this information to uncover meaningful insights. Our focus is linking data with outcomes – this provides more customized findings and actionable next steps to help resident wellness and the health of the community as a whole.

Because we come from senior living backgrounds, we understand the senior living community landscape, the Medicare landscape, and more. We are prepared for, and can help you stay ahead of, the curve on the upcoming shifts in Medicare Advantage. Our outcomes-based model can assist your community as Medicare Advantage payers look for more partner providers in the senior living space.

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The Latest Equipment. No cost to you.

In addition, tracking every detail helps assure that patients are being matched with the most appropriate equipment and technologies for their individual goals. We never employ technology simply for the sake of technology; smart application of the right machines and methods with the right goals is critical to continued success.

EmpowerMe Wellness invests in and leverages the latest and most effective equipment to improve patient outcomes. We outfit your EmpowerMe clinic at no cost to you – it’s our investment in the health of your community. Some of our current technologies include:

BioDex Balance is a system that’s specially designed for seniors to improve balance and develop muscle tone, as well as providing a customized Fall Risk Screening and Conditioning Program.

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