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Fall Prevention

Fall prevention is a core goal for our therapist teams. Every community we serve has a full-time staff member certified in fall prevention; a specialist dedicated to helping prevent falls before they happen.

Here are just a few examples of our comprehensive and effective fall prevention strategies.

Preventative Care

We have robust training programs that ensure falls don’t happen in the first place. All residents are screened quarterly to identify at-risk residents who we can treat.

Staff Training

We provide ongoing training for community staff to educate and inform them in the many ways they can identify residents who are at-risk of falling in the future, and ultimately, prevent it from occurring.

At-Risk Meetings

We partner with Directors of Nursing and other staff members and join the at-risk meetings to ensure we are treating every possible resident who needs therapy services.

EHR Integration

Data can make a world of difference. We encourage communities to provide access to their EHRs (electronic health records) so we can employ a data-driven approach to every senior we treat. We monitor the EHR for fall reports, level of care changes and other data showing a need for therapy services to assure we’re there when needed.

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