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Individuals with Alzheimer’s or related dementias are at an increased risk for falls, functional decline, communication deficits and other behavioral reactions that can impact mobility. Our therapists play a vital role in addressing these risks.

No other therapy company is focused solely on seniors, and all EmpowerMe therapists are experts in dementia care. Our highly skilled staff has undergone specialized training so that they have an in-depth knowledge of the levels and assessments in order to develop goals and programs that create the best outcomes for those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Our therapists help minimize risks, improve communication, support mobility and more. Their expertise and specialized attention is another way in which EmpowerMe Wellness is empowering seniors to live their healthiest lives.

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Our Innovative Dementia Care Model: THE FOCUSED MIND

Identifying functional capabilities with a focus on remaining abilities.

Providing care for residents living with dementia is an integral part of the person-centered environment, which is necessary to support a high quality of life with meaningful relationships and engagement.

The Focused Mind Program was designed to support residents through implementation of individualized approaches to care. These approaches are directed toward understanding, preventing, relieving, and accommodating a resident’s loss of abilities. The goal is to attain or maintain his or her highest practicable level of well-being.

With the Focused Mind Program, all residents with cognitive impairment are evaluated by our therapists using Allen Cognitive Testing and other standardized assessments, to determine the individual stage in the disease process.

Allen Cognitive Testing

Allen Cognitive Testing is unique compared to other cognitive testing due to the focus on FUNCTION. The Allen Cognitive Theory, or Cognitive Disabilities Model, was developed by Claudia Allen, an Occupational Therapist. The model enables us to identify a person’s functional cognition at every stage of dementia, so that we can focus on remaining abilities rather than on the disease process or on things the person can no longer do. Unlike other cognitive models or assessments, Allen testing can be done even when the person has lost the ability to communicate or write.

What is unique about The Focused Mind is what we DO with the information gathered from the assessment. Rather than gathering information for a baseline, we take that a step further and have a set protocol for developing and implementing education and individualized maintenance programming for the resident.

Based on identified retained functions, our therapists educate family and caregivers on personalized techniques and strategies to maximize independence, promote effective communication, encourage cognitive stimulation, and improve quality of life.

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