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What We Offer

EmpowerMe Wellness: A Unique, Holistic,
Customized Approach

EmpowerMe Wellness is a unique provider designed to deliver comprehensive physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and wellness programs onsite, within the communities we serve. One-on-one therapy services available through EmpowerMe are fully integrated, part of daily routine, and personalized for your residents by our expert team. This integration of care provides a holistic approach, customized to the needs of each individual.

  An EmpowerMe employee supporting a patient’s back with his hand while she sits on an exercise ball grinning with her arms raised in excitement

A Common Passion

While our therapists specialize in a wide variety of supportive services and therapeutic techniques, they each share a common passion: working to specifically help improve the lives of seniors. It’s one of the primary reasons our therapists are embedded in senior communities: to become part of daily life. Each is positioned to become a familiar, welcome member of the community; a friendly face that knows the routines and schedule; a knowledgeable resource that’s in-house and accessible. Our therapists connect deeply with their patients, as well as the community at large. That connection results in an exceptional level of personal attention and care.

Every community we partner with is assigned a lead therapist; a consistent point-of-contact that assists in keeping open lines of communication throughout the community and helps to train new therapists joining EmpowerMe Wellness. We are committed to offering the best therapies and services available, and that starts with the high-quality people we hire.

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