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Process and Initial Steps

Moving Forward

An EmpowerMe representative goes over the process on a tablet with a community manager

EmpowerMe Wellness is ready to begin serving your residents, your community and your business interests the moment you are. Our initial start-up process is simple, linear, and built around deep knowledge of what we’ll need to do – both in the immediate term and over time – to provide maximum benefit to your community and residents.

The process begins with a simple access or lease agreement and business associate agreement to get started. From there, you can expect the following:

  • Collaborative Hiring: We provide a team of therapists dedicated to your community – and work with you on all staffing
  • Equipment: We bring all necessary gear and therapy supplies that your residents might need
  • Resident Flexibility: We provide Medicare Part A and B services with multiple Home Health choices for residents and families in the area
  • Direct Billing: We bill Medicare and other insurers directly

It would be nothing less than an honor to serve your residents and support your teams. EmpowerMe makes it easy to bring our therapy services to any community in your organization.

If we can earn your business, we’ll begin planning the launch within your community immediately. While much of what we provide is contingent upon the nuances of how we can uniquely fit in and serve your residents, here is how we approach a community launch:

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