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Our Business Impact

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For Clinicians / Directors of Nursing

We shore up your staffing immediately upon entering a community.

EmpowerMe understands the challenges of staffing in an environment of continual care. Our therapists immediately get to know your residents’ unique needs, and spend more time with residents than the norm. We know what it takes to provide therapy and care for the most complex and acute medical and behavioral needs within your community. And in doing so, we can help relieve the labor hours associated with this constant and challenging care.

Our approach offers immediate benefits to those within a community closest to the daily health of residents. One-on-one therapy services are fully integrated and personalized for your residents by our expert team. This integration of care provides a holistic approach, customized to the needs of each individual. As part of that customization, we work closely with your nursing professionals and support staff to take into consideration the complete picture for each resident. No one knows more about the health of your community than you do, and together we can enrich the lives of every resident we serve by combining the very best standards in therapy and care.

One marked difference you’ll experience when working with us is consistent and unwavering transparency around resident outcomes. We share all data – from therapy hours expended, to comprehensive appointment plans – in an industry where virtually no one else does.

Custom Clinical Reports

Not only does EmpowerMe Wellness openly share all data with your clinical leadership teams, we create custom reports for each community we serve, along with regional and organization-wide reports for executive leadership:

  • Residents on caseload for both outpatient rehab and home health
  • Number of visits for each discipline (PT/OT/ST)
  • Therapy hours worked for each discipline
  • Modality Code Usage by community
  • Participation rate across each community
  • Cancellation rate and reasons 
  • Functional resident assessment results
  • Progress notes available at any time
“Some residents would originally refuse and the EMW therapists were able to work with literally any challenging patient that came their way.”
– Greg Jovi
Executive Director, Villas of Holly Brook, Bethalto, IL
  An EmpowerMe representative walks with a community manager down a hallway referencing a tablet

For Operations / Executive Directors

We know you expect the best, and our goal is to be a true contributing partner.

For senior living community decision-makers, we offer unique benefits that come from a place of understanding. Because we come from senior living operations ourselves, we are well-acquainted with the challenges and opportunities inherent in your business. We possess first-hand, real-life experience and know how to succeed and deliver on your goals. We care about residents deeply, but we also care about providing you the results you need.

We begin by adopting your community’s goals and mission as our own – from the onboarding phase forward. Our onboarding tools enable us to become a seamless part of every community we serve. Among these tools are a set of approaches specially designed to drive and sustain occupancy and bolster your bottom line.

In addition, we employ our tools to help your marketing programs, further integrating with the needs and goals of each respective role within your community. The cutting-edge technology we provide immediately makes your community more appealing to prospective residents and provides further proof points to your sales team.

Perhaps most of all, we bring you an expert resource who understands your objectives, is intuitive and simple to partner with, and can immediately begin pursuing those goals as an extension of your team.

EmpowerMe will go above and beyond to join your Mission with:

  • Stage-specific dementia training for your Memory Care staff
  • Transfer training for your care staff
  • Offsite initiatives & events to educate physicians and other caretakers of what EmpowerMe has to offer
  • Community marketing initiatives through care & vendor fairs 
  • Designated Home Health partnership for better coordinated care and increased access to referral opportunities 
  • Active participation in community events to support life enrichment
An EmpowerMe sales representative goes through a brochure with two women,

For Sales / CRDs

Simply put, we will partner with you to increase occupancy.

We understand that senior living has never been more competitive, and there are more and more new communities entering the fray every day. As such, we’re dedicated to helping your community differentiate itself. This difference contributes to occupancy growth by giving prospects a compelling reason to choose your community.

From the very first day we partner with communities, we can see a marked difference in the overall spirit of a community. Over time, that positive intangible impact evolves and grows into healthier and more engaged communities. We help capture and articulate that impact, leveraging the positive effects our efforts have had on the community. Sales now has a strong and solvent claim, backed up by compelling numbers. Every bit of data we collect is shared with you, and the positive outcomes enabled by EmpowerMe Wellness become talking points.

Let EmpowerMe Wellness empower your marketing and outreach efforts:

  • We can provide custom-built marketing plans and tools for all EmpowerMe clinics in your communities.
  • With your approval, EmpowerMe will promote services through targeted social media campaigns focused on SNFs, hospitals, and physician practices.
  • Therapists are available to accompany your staff for prospective resident assessments in or outside the community (SNFs, hospitals, etc.).
  • We will host wellness classes outside to the public – like our licensed Silver Sneakers partnership – attracting prospective residents to your communities.

For Life Enrichment / LEDs

Our wellness programs help keep residents engaged and healthy.

EmpowerMe Wellness comes equipped with a wide range of therapeutic activities and engaging ways to foster and encourage health within your community. We work with LEDs to integrate our offerings with yours – weaving our respective programs and sessions together. By integrating into communities at a physical and cultural level, we adapt our programs to fit into your community, never vice-versa. We supplement and complement the lives of each resident by listening to their unique needs and preferences; together with you, we aim to create individual treatment plans as exceptional as the lives that inspired them.

We are continually seeking out the latest and most-effective wellness program options for our partners and their residents. While listening to the patient is core to our programming, listening to the resultant data is of equal importance. We find humanity in the numbers, and use human insights to help inform how we enrich the lives of our patients.

Some of our current programming includes:

Silver Sneakers

A nationally-recognized Senior Fitness program and Licensed Partner of EmpowerMe Wellness.


A comprehensive fall prevention program.

Aquatic Program

Comprehensive aquatic therapy for independent living communities.

Tai Chi

Restoring motion, staying flexible and preventing falls through practice of this timeless artform.

Music Therapy

Exploring the therapeutic benefits of sound.


A wide variety of yoga-based programming depending upon skill level, comfort level and mobility, including options like chair yoga, built specifically for seniors.

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