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Our Business Impact

We know you expect the best. We do too.

That’s why our goal is to be a true contributing partner; an asset to all we come in contact with. We remain focused on enhancing the lives of all people in the communities we serve with our every effort. It’s more than our intent; it’s our passion.

We set goals with our partners intending to meet and exceed them. Whether your goals are the tangible type measured in metrics and dollars, or the intangible variety, measured in the smiles of your community’s residents, EmpowerMe Wellness exists to help put your aspirations into action, and realize a true business impact for your organization.

Smiles all around for an EmpowerMe employee helping a patient with gardening for occupational therapy

Immediate Community Impact

From the therapists we employ, to your senior living community and the respective residents we serve- everyone benefits from the EmpowerMe Wellness from the first day of our partnership forward.

Our therapists are highly educated, passionate and reliable – a welcomed addition to your community, and a way to bring valuable continuity to your team. In a climate where senior living communities are often contending with staffing shortages and high-turnover, this type of instantly-engaged and immediately useful team player benefits all those they work with.

An EmpowerMe Employee talking with a senior resident

Immediate Resident Impact

While we measure success in a multitude of ways, it’s the impact we make upon the lives of seniors that ultimately matters most. Your residents will immediately notice a difference in their daily activities, and soon thereafter, an improvement in their quality of life and ability to live independently.

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