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About Your Interview

We’re Seeking The Spark

You’re looking for a rewarding career. You’re outgoing, energetic and dedicated. What is EmpowerMe Wellness looking for?

We’re seeking the spark. The glint of recognition in your eye that tells us you have a true love for seniors. It’s an intangible quality, a passion for putting the senior patient first, and if you have it, we want to talk.

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What To Expect

We take pride in our availability, responsiveness and open lines of communication. Our hiring process is no exception. If you apply, you will be contacted by our EmpowerMe Recruiting Specialist within 24 hours. You’ll then have an additional 24 hours to give a date for your interview. Your interview will be conducted that same week, and you can expect an initial 30-minute session.

The EmpowerMe Recruiting Specialist then sets up an interview with the Hiring Manager at the community. From there, those determined to be qualified candidates (those with the spark!) are re-contacted and the hiring process begins.

We don’t take hiring lightly, and if you join the EmpowerMe Wellness team, you’re joining our family. Before a final hiring decision, the Executive Director or others at the community may want to meet you. We’ll do whatever it takes to find the best fit for you and for us; our passion for serving seniors demands nothing less.

A Day in the Life

Opportunities for Growth

What Sets US Apart

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