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You have a passion for helping others, and seniors in particular.

You want to make a difference in the world and help others lead fuller, healthier lives. You’re committed to growing and evolving to best serve seniors. You don’t want just a job – you seek a calling – a mission you can align behind, and a support system to assure your career ascends to the highest of heights.

If this sounds like you, EmpowerMe Wellness just may be a great fit.

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It’s not “how many,” it’s “how well.”

If you care about seniors as much as we do, then you know EmpowerMe’s resident focus can make a world of difference in the lives of seniors.

As you know, the therapy world is typically about productivity. Money is made based on quantity and turnover- how many patients you see a day drives the profits you realize. We’re different, and value quality over quantity. It’s not “how many” it’s “how well.” Most therapists have a home community where most of their time is spent, which means less travel, and more time to connect with the seniors you serve.

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Our team approach

As our tagline states, we work together to guide independence. It’s something we take literally, and something we take to heart. We teach success – as a team – to the residents we serve.

Only through strong teamwork and togetherness can we bring the necessary empathy, appreciation and motivation to our seniors. This enables them to experience the full power of our combined efforts and the benefits of coordinated personal attention. It’s this team effort that enables the most positive outcomes for seniors and allows them to retain independence for as long as possible; to a person and as a team, that is always our ultimate aim.

Why work for EmpowerMe Wellness?

Your career matters

We put our therapists’ interests first regarding career development. Your career path is our priority.

You can make a difference

You can see the immediate impact you make upon the lives you enrich.

We support your growth

We provide in-depth annual reviews to chart your progress.

Exceptional career flexibility

If you wish to move to part time, change your specialty, evolve to a new area of expertise to maximize your earning power, or simply try a new challenge, we are here to make it possible. We can even provide career paths within senior living community operations, should you be interested.

Unique tools for success

Every therapist is assigned an internal mentor and has a unique career development plan. Your success is our success; we’re in this together, and provide you with every advantage you need to excel.


We offer comprehensive medical, dental, PTO and more.

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An EmpowerMe employee supporting a patient’s back with his hand while she sits on an exercise ball grinning with her arms raised in excitement,

Our mission is the relentless pursuit of opportunities to improve the lives of seniors

Our Core Values

Servant Leadership

We lead with service. At every level of our organization, we take the lead in prioritizing the needs of others. Selfless generosity guides us as we apply our unique strengths to look out for the seniors in our care, as well as each other.

Relentless Drive

We’re a force for good. Each day brings new ways to improve life for those we serve, and we are determined to make the most of every single opportunity. This is how we create a gold standard for success in our industry.

Alignment of Goals

We build consensus. In our business, it’s essential to have a foundation of mutual understanding and agreement. We ensure this alignment exists universally, so we can collaborate effectively and succeed at our mission.

Audacity and Bravery

We save the day. No challenge is too daunting, no emergency is too urgent, no request is too much. We are professional superheroes who have the power to walk into any situation and make it better than we found it.

Fierce Intellectual Curiosity

We value discovery. This shows in the energy we put towards listening, exploring, and creating the best solutions for communities and individuals. It’s also evident in how freely we share information, so we can be understood ourselves.

Long-Term Focus

We always look ahead. We’re dedicated to investing in people, building for tomorrow, and focusing on the future. When something will serve us in the short-term but set us back later, we stay faithful to our vision and opt out.

We Have Fun!

We laugh out loud. Part of being healthy is being happy. We come to work with a sense of humor, a ready smile, and a positive perspective. It makes our days brighter and helps us take better care of seniors – and each other.

From Our Therapists

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