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Our Difference

We know you expect the best, and our goal is to be a true contributing partner, with a focus on enhancing the lives of all people in the communities we serve:

For senior living community decision makers.

We offer unique benefits. Because we come from senior living operations, we understand the challenges and opportunities inherent to your business first-hand, and adopt each community’s goals and mission from the onboarding phase forward. We use a proprietary approach that begins with onboarding tools to become a seamless part of each community. This includes tools specially designed to drive or sustain occupancy. We can help bolster your marketing efforts, integrating the impact our programs have on the overall health of your community. We are transparent with our outcomes, providing more than just community continuity and a shared sense of purpose – this results in a healthier, more engaged, more vibrant community of seniors.

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For therapists and wellness professionals.

EmpowerMe offers more than a job. We offer a career – an intentional, personal career path based on their goals and professional objectives. We assure that our employees have access to best-in-class resources and opportunities to grow and flourish.

A smiling patient does physical therapy on an exercise ball while an EmpowerMe employee supports her

And for the seniors themselves.

EmpowerMe Wellness offers a variety of convenient, effective, engaging therapies designed to help each live their best lives; not just restoring function, but becoming better than ever. We help seniors set new goals, grow in exciting and unexpected ways, and live their lives to the fullest.

A positive outcome for everyone involved. That’s the EmpowerMe Wellness difference.

Our Resident-Centered Approach

EmpowerMe Wellness offers seniors physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, dementia therapy and other wellness services through the communities they call home. Our approach is based on the individual needs of residents, and begins by listening. This results in an individualized therapy plan inclusive of appropriate programming, relevant cutting-edge technologies, and fall prevention.

Transparency Always

We form open, transparent relationships with all community leadership. Every bit of data we accumulate and create, we share, knowing that this enhances a team’s ability to serve each resident. As such, we report every outcome, every therapy hour logged, every appointment made, and more.

A High Participation Rate

The communities we partner with see a 66% increase in participation rate in therapy and wellness services by the end of our third month working together. We know how to encourage engagement.

More Time with Residents

We spend more time with residents than the norm, and get to know each resident’s unique needs. In particular, we can help relieve the labor hours spent providing care for the most complex and challenging medical and behavioral needs within your community.

Working with your Most Acute Cases

We can provide therapy and care for the most complex and challenging medical and behavioral needs within your community. We know what it takes and are always a willing partner in taking on the challenge. We understand the labor hours and stress involved in caring for these individuals, and can help relieve both for the staff within your community. We will get to know all your resident’s unique needs, and spend more time with residents than the norm.

Fall Risk Reduction

Residents across our communities have demonstrably improved balance, gait, and mobility – all crucial factors in preventing falls and maintaining mobility. We consistently measure our impact with residents through best-practices industry assessments.

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